If I remember the night that we met

Tasted a wine that I’ll never forget
Opened the doorway and saw through the light
Motions of movement and I felt delight

She spoke of freedom, “A way in,” she said
"A wisdom that took me away from the bed"
Spoke of the glory that we had become
I felt forgiven in all I’ve become

Small, tasteless, and forgot
Hoping to see, blinded like me
You tried to understand, but you’re just a man
Open to scorn just like me

Failure again
Tried to pretend
Who you were then
Who you are now

Featuring current members of Cop Problem and Bvrden, and a former member of Total Fucking Destruction, DIE CHOKING’s hyperactive, earthmoving grind/thrash penetrates with an even darker powerviolence edge on their latest EP, II, discharging five songs in less than six minutes.

Brutal doesn’t even begin to describe the output this destructive, light-speed release, as DIE CHOKING picks up where their debut self-titled EP left off, discharging five songs in less than six minutes. Yet an equally heavy theme surges within the band’s lyrics on II, most notably in its closing track, “Tonsil.” With the vinyl version of the EP, the band is including a printed document which will serve as a legal, personal Living Will, to memorialize one’s final wishes upon their time of death.

II will see release on September 29th via The Compound and DIE CHOKING, on both digital and virgin red vinyl 7” in a run of 300 copies. The band’s earthmoving grind/thrash resounds with an even darker powerviolence edge than their self-titled EP, with even more velocity and fury fueling the tunes. Recorded and mixed at Mark It Zero Studios with Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth), as was its predecessor — the music harnessed in one day and the vocals in another — II was mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege (Baptists, Code Orange Kids, Integrity).

Orders for the virgin red vinyl 7” can be placed here: http://www.earsplitdistro.com/collections/459098-the-compound-recs.



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